Reppido Caretaker

Step 1: Report

When residents notice broken objects and dangerous situations in public space, they report these incidents via Reppido. Reports, including their status, are shown on a real-time map. 

Step 2: Monitor and Manage

When receiving a report, it will automatically be registered and assigned to the correct operative. These reports can be monitored and managed effectively at any time during the process.

Step 3: Resolve

The assigned operative can easily resolve the report using the correct information. The resident responsible for reporting the situation will be notified as soon as the report has been solved.

Key features Reppido Caretaker

  • Resolve incident reports digitally
  • Possibility to manage incident reports by yourself
  • Directly register your own observations
  • Insights in your work load while on the road 
  • Ability to take over notifications from colleagues
  • Work faster and more efficient


Why choose Reppido Caretaker?

Monitor, manage and resolve all reports digitally.

Reppido Caretaker offers a fully digital workflow on your tablet or phone. The app shows a location on the map so that you can calculate a smart route. Next to that, you have the possibility to report incidents you come across during your working hours, and directly assign them to one of your colleagues. This makes resolving incident reports easier and gives you the opportunity to become part of keeping the public space safe and clean.