Reppido Municipality

Step 1: Report

When residents notice broken bjects and dangerous situations in public space, they report these incidents via Reppido. Reports, including their status, are shown on a real-time map. 

Step 2: Monitor & Manage

When receiving a report, it will automatically be registered and assigned to the correct operative. These reports can be monitored and managed effectively at any time during the process.

Step 3: Resolve

The assigned operative can easily resolve the incident report using the correct information. The resident responsible for reporting the situation will be notified as soon as the incident report has been solved.

Key features Reppido Municipality

  • Automated workflows, designed for your work schedule 
  • An overview of all incoming and outgoing incident reports
  • Full ownership and control over the design
  • Type of report linked to department at municipality
  • Communicate fast and easy with field staff and subcontractors
  • Forward incident reports automatically or with just one click.


Why Reppido Municipality?

Transparent overview of all incident reports, automated workflows, notifications and more.

Reppido Municipality works as a central system for municipalities to use for registering incident reports. Automatic workflows and smart reports help you create transparency. Employees no longer have to process incident reports manually.